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join the company that’s steeped in purpose.


market growth


3d彩报全部of fortune 100 served


breaches stopped annually

Sales with
a Purpose

at crowdstrike, we don’t just sell a product or market a service—we offer a promise: to provide safety and security to some of the world’s largest, most influential companies and, by extension, the billions of consumers around the world who use their services. we’re sales & marketing of the highest order.

A Promise Fulfilled

At CrowdStrike, we offer a best-in-class solution that stops hackers and breaches with stunning speed and accuracy. We stand behind our products and services, and our people too—offering a competitive compensation and benefits package and growth opportunities for highly qualified and high-potential candidates.

3d彩报全部 Ready to build a career infused with purpose?

OUR People

Meet the people making the digital world safer.

joining crowdstrike is by far the best career decision i’ve made. i am genuinely excited to go to work each day knowing that i am helping clients stop breaches with a best-in-breed technology backed by a team of smart, inspiring individuals.

Katherine K.
Corporate Account Executive
Austin, TX

Ready to build a career you’re proud of?

find your purpose at crowdstrike

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