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3d彩报全部we don’t have a mission statement, we’re on a mission…to stop breaches.

define your future at crowdstrike.

unique opportunity

crowdstrike isn’t just the next step in your career—it’s a quantum leap forward.

3d彩报全部fearless growth

at crowdstrike, the success of our people is the success of our company.

3d彩报全部enduring impact

hackers don’t stop—and neither do we. digital security is our mission and our legacy.

Our culture

3d彩报全部see what sets crowdstrike apart.

Our values

our culture is built on the principles of autonomy, flexibility and trust, fostering a diverse, inclusive and supportive work environment that enables our people to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Our Mission

our mission is to stop breaches and our purpose is a promise: to provide safety and security to some of the world’s largest, most influential companies and, by extension, the billions of people around the world who use their services.

Our future

innovation is at the heart of our organization. we draw on the collective experience and deep cultural diversity of our workforce to refine our business model—and upend it completely, if need be.



the crowdstrike foundation offers a variety of scholarships, grants and research programs to help develop the next generation of talent and resources in cybersecurity and ai.

OUR People

Meet the people making the digital world safer.

my experience at crowdstrike has been inspirational. every day feels like a celebration, whether it’s cheering on your peers, receiving recognition for your work, or hitting big company milestones. the drive and positivity are contagious and i’m truly excited to be here!

Athena Y.
Senior Recruiter
Irvine, CA

Ready to build a career you’re proud of?

3d彩报全部join us at crowdstrike.

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